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 Ox's are still the pride of Maher farmers
Ox's are still the pride of Maher farmers

Farming is the traditional livelihood in India and the people farm using traditional methods. However, modern machinery, such as tractors, is beginning to make its impact in farming.

Today the Maher community has developed and has been educated. This has brought change to the Mer way of life, which mainly included farming. Nowadays Mers have all kinds of jobs.


Farming still is the main livelihood for majority of Mers in India. Everyday is based around the farm and it is therefore no surprise that most of them lives on the farms.

The main crops are groundnuts (mandavi), maize, wheat, rice, cotton, jowar and bajara. For more information visit





Maze and Peanuts are two main crops
Maize and Peanuts are two main crops
A typical day on a farm

6.00am Wake up and drink tea
6.30am Feed livestock and milk cow/buffalo
7 - 8am Breakfast
8- 12am Work on farm
12 - 2:00pm Lunch followed an afternoon nap
2 - 6pm Work on farm ( ploughing, harvesting, irrigating,etc, depending upon time of the season)
6-8 pm Evening meal
8-10pm Socialising - mainly involves Sitting & talking, listen to radio, cd/ tape, watch tv.
Milking is a daily duty for most women
Milking is a daily duty

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