Leicester Commitee Members

Maher Community Leicester

The Leicester Maher Community Association (LMCA) 2013

President         Mr Nagajanbhai Bapodra
Vice President Mr Pratapbhai Lakhabhai Odedra
Secretary         Mr Dilipbhai Ramabhai Karavadra  
Vice Secretary Mrs Geetaben Maheshbhai Karavadra
Treasurer         Mr Sudhirbhai Odedra
Vice Treasurer Mr Laxmanbhai Vejanandbhai Odedra


Mr Rajshibhai Modhwadia
Mr Rajubhai Gorania
Mr Maheshbhai Odedra
Mr Pratapbhai Karabhai Odedra
Mr Rambhai Odedra
Mr Lakhubhai Godhania
Mrs Santokben Odedra
Mrs Tamuben Sida
Mrs Deviben Khunti
Mrs Pushpaben Odedra
Mrs Bhanuben Sida
Mr Nirmalji Odedra
Mr Bhavesh Laxman Parmar

Voluntary Contribution
Mr Jethabhai Karavadra
Mr Rambhai Tukadia
Mr Rambhai Godhania
Mr Arjanbhai Khunti
Mr Pankajbhai Jethwa

Mahila Mandal
Mrs Tamuben Sida
Mrs Bhanuben Sida
Mrs Deviben Khunti
Mrs Pushpaben Odedra
Mrs Geeta Mahesh karavadra

Board of Directors
Mr Rajeshbhai Odedra (Managing Director)
Mr Meramanbhai Harbhambhai Modhwadia
Mr Nagajanbhai Bapodra (Leicester)
Mr Ajaybhai Kanabhai Modhwadia (London)
Mr Keshubhai Odedra (UK Samaj President, Birmingham)

Dr Bhimabhai Arjan Odedra (Chair)
Mr Jivabhai Lakha Odedra
Mr Jivabhai Khima Ranavaya 

Centre Manager
Mr Vivek Khistaria

Mr Rambhai Modhwadia (Gandi Services)
Bhikubhai Kotecha (Sterling Accountants)

If you would like to become a committee member then visit the centre or phone on 0116 2425 360.

Maher Community Centre Leicester
Leicester Maher Community Association
Maher Centre
15 Ravensbridge Drive
LE4 0BZ 

Tel: +44 0116 242 5360
Fax: +44 0116 262 5637

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